IHA Innovation Challenge Implementation Playbook

Emergency Department Recidivism & Unnecessary Hospital Admission & Readmission​



The ED delivers episodic care, and patients get fragmented care when they keep coming back. Providers feel frustrated when they can’t deliver the kind of care these patients need. The ICP was designed to get at the root causes of readmission by providing a plan for frequent ED patients and a network of resources to address these problems. The team was able to empower patients to access community resources that make a difference in their own care. Recidivism and readmission was reduced dramatically.

The aim of this Implementation Playbook is to spread this innovation that tackles ED Recidivism & Unnecessary Hospital Admission & Readmission to hospitals across this state, region and beyond.

The Cast of Characters

The storyline behind the Playbook involves these wonderful people, places and organizations

Innovation Challenge Awardee

Clinical Manager for Emergency and Trauma Services

Spread Partner

Administrative Director, Performance Improvement & Management Systems

What Have we Achieved?

Below is a snapshot of some of the statistics that we’ve seen as a result of implementing this playbook:


Patients Impacted


Reduction in ED Recidivism


Drop in ED Readmission


Hospital Implementations

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