Learning from COVID-19: A Design Process for Healthcare Team Improvement

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A design thinking process to help hospitals learn & improve from its COVID-19 response

What are these canvases for?

As teams adapt and work through the challenges posed by COVID-19, it is critical that they periodically pause to make sense of what has happened. This experience will long be viewed as a seminal moment in every health system’s evolution. The phases of the pandemic are constantly in flux and the journey is now many months in….it is critical that teams pause and reflect on what has occurred.

Do Tank has created a process for understanding what has happened, identifying best practices that emerged, innovating around areas for improvement, and gameplanning how to achieve change. These tools and processes are rooted in Design Thinking and will be a great addition to the kit of anyone involved in emergency preparedness and performance improvement. They can supplement any current hotwash/after action review/debrief methodologies. In this session, we will,

The video instruction above takes the form of a webinar which was carried out in August 2020. 

Intended audience: Chief Innovation Officers, Chief Transformation Officers, Quality Improvement Professionals, Emergency Preparedness Professionals, Human Centered Designers


Our Journey Canvas

This tool helps your team plot out, against a timeline, what it experienced. You will build your collective story while uncovering successes and shortcomings that merit deeper exploration.


Highlight and Embed Success Canvas

This tool provides a structure to design things that your team can DO to ensure that positive progress is durable. You will end on clear action items to ensure that your team evolution is not fleeting.


Highlight and Improve Flaws

This tool will help you brainstorm around how you can improve.  Starting with areas where your team has underperformed, you will invent ways to do things better and tie those ideas to critical next steps.


Strategic Gameplan Canvas

This tool will help you define goals, obstacles to overcome, and tasks that need to be done.  It is a project management tool that will help you organize the next steps that you committed to.

Top Tips for Using the Canvases

Define the timeline to review – don’t explore the indefinite past

Encourage the group to keep the focus on the TEAM’s experience rather than things that happened at an organizational level

Ask probing questions and encourage candor – people can be reticent about big topics

When mapping out the timeline of action items – assign who is accountable

It is critical that you help the team celebrate success and take pride in their work…. it is easy to fixate on the shortcomings

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