Our innovation hub learning community and implementation playbook solutions are helping us achieve our goal of creating high impact, quality improvement innovations across the State of Illinois and expanding that reach across multiple states and regions and the healthcare delivery system.

Our aim is to leverage the reach of Illinois Health and Hospital Association, and the talent of our hospital members, to break down barriers that have slowed the spread of high impact innovations to improve the lives of our patients. We can compete on results, but we don’t compete on best practices in Quality and Patient Safety. Let’s come together to accelerate the spread of innovations that lead to reductions in harm and cost savings.

IHA Innovation of the Month

Emergency Department Recidivism & Unnecessary Hospital Admission & Readmission

The aim of this Implementation Playbook is to spread this innovation that tackles ED Recidivism & Unnecessary Hospital Admission & Readmission to hospitals across this state, region and beyond.

We believe the best way to spread innovation is to first talk about it, then do something with it!

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