IHA Innovation Challenge Implementation Playbook

The New Road to C. difficile Reduction



The C. difficile spore cannot be seen but can live up to 5 months on a surface. It is primarily transmitted to patients on the hands of healthcare workers. If we are not diligent in our efforts to prevent transmission we are putting our patients at risk. Preventing the spread of infection is everyone’s responsibility. The implementation of a collaborative team review process for C. difficile infection exposed that testing was being done for the wrong reasons. The IP team then evolved the process to continuously monitor C. difficile infection. This new process resulted in a sizable reduction in infections.

The aim of this Implementation Playbook is to reduce hospital acquired C. difficile infections by spreading this innovation to hospitals across this state, region and beyond.

The Cast of Characters

The storyline behind the Playbook involves these wonderful people, places and organizations

C. diff Algorithm Architect

Dr. Jennings


HSHS St. Anthony’s Hospital, IL

Innovation Challenge Awardee

Matt Yarnell

Director, Quality

HSHS St. John’s Hospital (Award Site), IL

Spread Partner

Connie Noltemeyer

Director, Quality and Patient Safety

Amita Health Presence Health (Spread Site)

Spread Partner

Laura Marconnet

Infection Preventionist

Amita Health Presence Health (Spread Site)

What Have we Achieved?

Below is a snapshot of some of the statistics that we’ve seen as a result of implementing this playbook:


Reduction in HAIs


Annual Cost Savings


Hospitals implementing intervention

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