IHA Innovation Challenge Implementation Playbook

Hospital-Wide Daily Interdisciplinary Safety Huddle



DISH is a 15-minute huddle that occurs daily and involves many disciplines and aspects hospital care and administration. Key variables from all departments and units are discussed (from hospital census to any new construction). It serves as a daily update of hospital operations. From an infection control standpoint, it serves as a forum to question the need for devices and promote their removal. There are other contributions of DISH to infection control such as knowing who is on isolation precautions, identifying new environmental or construction issues.

The aim of this Implementation Playbook is the spread this innovation that tackles device utilization and device-related hospital acquired infections through the use of a Daily Interdisciplinary Safety Huddle (DISH) in hospitals everywhere across this state, region and beyond.

The Cast of Characters

The storyline behind the Playbook involves these wonderful people, places and organizations

Innovation Challenge Awardee

Alfredo J. Mena Lora, MD

Infectious Disease Specialist

Saint Anthony Hospital Chicago, IL

Spread Partner

Darlene Gallagher, BSN, RN, CIC

Infection Preventionist

Adventist Medical Center, Boilingbrook, IL

What Have we Achieved?

Below is a snapshot of some of the statistics that we’ve seen as a result of implementing this playbook:


Reduction in CLABSIs & CAUTIs


Estimated Cost Savings


Minute Daily Interdisciplinery Huddle

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