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A compelling case can be made that healthcare will experience substantial disruptive innovation over the next few years. At Do Tank, we are Business Designers at heart and we are proud to be working to develop, support and foster healthcare innovations globally. Doing what’s right is in our DNA and our Innovation Hub is designed to facilitate the spread of this innovation by promoting and joining the dots of successful and tangible projects in the health care space.

We believe the best way to spread innovation in the healthcare space is to first talk about it, then do something with it! Hence we are called Do Tank.

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Practice Applying Human-Centered Design at a Do Tank Health Event

Attend one of our upcoming events to see human-centered design in action. We’ll show you how you can facilitate productive conversations and highlight innovative ideas that will help your team improve care.


Learning from COVID-19: A Design Process for Healthcare Team Improvement

A design thinking process to help hospitals learn & improve from its COVID-19 response

Do Tank has created a process for understanding what has happened, identifying best practices that emerged, innovating around areas for improvement, and gameplanning how to achieve change. These tools and processes are rooted in Design Thinking and will be a great addition to the kit of anyone involved in emergency preparedness and performance improvement. They can supplement any current hotwash/after action review/debrief methodologies. In this session, we will,

Healthy Communities Strategy Canvases

This set of five tools will help you organize your thinking, align your team, and design powerful strategies for improving health in your community.   In the course of completing this design journey, you will explore the challenges that face community members, the broader context in which everyone is living, the vision that will guide your work, the resources that will be required, and the critical action steps necessary to advance.

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Learn more about how we apply human-centered design with our healthcare clients to address some of their toughest problems.